WIDE BELT SANDER SCM MOD. SANDYA 10/2 M2 135 secondhand 

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WIDE BELT SANDER SCM MOD. SANDYA 10/2 M2 135 secondhand


working width mm. 1350

nr. 2 belts + brite polishing roller unit

I°  belt: helical steel calibrating roller d. 180 mm excluding from the control panel with height adjustment by means of a knob

2nd belt: combined group sectioned pad roller with roller d. 180 mm and hardness 45 SH

Blower unit II° belt

sectioned electronic pad – 24 sectors – with electro-pneumatic control managed by MESAR 4

control unit roller that can be excluded from the control panel

vacuum plane

automatic belt centering

belt drive speed variator

brite unit with independent adjustment

year of manufacture 2001

documentation / user manuals and CE declaration of conformity